Teresa is incredible to work with. Our son had real problems across the board with a number of his subjects. His predicted grades were in danger and university options limited. Having Teresa step in to manage our son’s academic life, opened numerous doors for him at school and beyond.

(Parents of Year 12 student)

My son and daughter came to London knowing conversational English if that. Teresa coached my son for six months and helped him get into the secondary school of his dreams. He even got an academic scholarship! The results speak for themselves.

(Parent of year 9 student)

The time I spent with Teresa was never easy, but it was always worth it. At the time, I didn’t always understand why she challenged me so much. Teresa taught me that hard work pays off and that the more prepared you are, the easier things can be.

(Student in year 8)

Working with Teresa was a transformative experience. She delivered concepts clearly and effectively, which helped me understand topics I had previously struggled with. Moreover, Teresa motivated me throughout the exams and helped me perform to the best of my abilities. Getting into all my target schools and some with scholarships, gave me strength to believe in myself.

(Student at Cambridge University)

After my daughter failed to get into target schools the year before, I called Teresa, not knowing what the options were. She motivated my daughter to pick up the pieces and not give up. She ended up at her top choice school with academic and musical scholarships. We've worked with her for some years now and I couldn't be more happy with the results. My daughter is now holds offers to Cambridge and UCL to study medicine. 

(Parent of sixth form student)

Teresa really pushes and challenges me. I didn’t think I was capable of moving from a C/D grade to a B such a short period of time. She’s different to anyone I know and although it wasn’t easy, we got there and I’m proud of my achievements.

(Year 12 student)

When I first arrived in the UK, my English was really poor. I came from a less traditional academic background. Working with Teresa for a year was tough, but it allowed me to reach goals which seemed completely out of reach. Who knew that I could go from barely speaking english, to winning a progress prize to studying on a prestigious course at UCL!

(Student at UCL)

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